Water systems are essential for delivering clean water, supporting public health, enabling economic activities, and fostering community development.

Water systems undertake a critical role in meeting basic human needs, promoting hygiene, and sustaining various aspects of the modern society.

Within the water segment of the underground utility infrastructure, Sam Lain provides civil and mechanical engineering services, including the laying of pipes of a wide range of diameters, including pipe jacking, for the transmission and distribution of water.

Working collaboratively with clients and consultants, we have the in-house capabilities, resources and technical expertise to deliver such projects ranging in size and complexity, focusing on delivering the best outcomes to our clients in the public and private sectors.

Adhering to the stringent standards of safety, quality and certainty, our in-house engineers are part of the project team; spearheading the development of such projects from conception to completion.

Majority of our work is from repeat clients, testament to our track record and ability to meet and often exceed expectations.